Hybrid Home Crossfit Cardio MMA Power 30 Minute Workout SuperMOM

Crossfit is such a popular form of fitness so I thought itd be fun to take it and turn it into a home workout but put a twist on it and add some plyo to it!! But not only that I also turned this puppy into an MMA Hybrid! Wa ha ha lol so get ready to get sweaty! We dont have the time, we make the time! Please consult your doctor before attempting any of my Workouts! If you would like to work one on one with me please contact me and I will help you reach your goal! https://goo.gl/a8N4k4 erinsgobragh@icloud.com ______________________ Follow me: Supermom Website: http://erinsgobragh.wixsite.com/supermom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/erinbrooksSuperMOM/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/erinsgobragh Twitter: https://twitter.com/Erinsgobragh Instagram: https://instagram.com/erinsgobragh/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/erinsgobragh/ _______________________ Workout Moves: Warm Up: Side 1 Twisting Cross 0:43 Alternating Roundhouse 1:13 Scissor 1:42 Floor Touch Push Kick 2:11 Side 2 Twisting Cross 2:42 Alternating Roundhouse 3:12 Scissor 3:43 Floor Touch Push Kick 4:12 Round 1 Side 1 Grab Weight Press 4:42 Grab Weight Press Burpee 5:52 Jab Hook Upper 6:59 Jab Hook Upper Jump Kick 8:07 Grab Weight Press 9:18 Grab Weight Press Burpee 10:27 Jab Hook Upper 11:34 Jab Hook Upper Jump Kick 12:43 Push Up Row 13:53 Push Up Row Tuck 15:06 Dbl Knees 16:19 Dbl Knees Hopping Side Kick 17:29 Push Up Row 18:37 Push Up Row Tuck 19:46 Dbl Knees 20:55 Dbl Knees Hopping Side Kick 22:06 Pistol Squat 23:14 Pistol Squat Roundhouse 24:34 Descend Ascend Side Elbow Cross 25:34 Descend Ascend Side Elbow Cross Lunge Thunder Kick 26:42 Pistol Squat 27:50 Pistol Squat Roundhouse 29:04 Descend Ascend Side Elbow Cross 30:15 Descend Ascend Side Elbow Cross Lunge Thunder Kick 31:23 Stretch 32:32