Kettlebell MMA Workout 2017

Download our Kettlebell For Fighters Program HERE: New kettlebell MMA workout using a single kettlebell and a skipping rope. This kettlebell MMA workout is a great conditioning circuit that takes 20 minutes. Try this Kettlebell MMA workout today! Download our Kettlebell For Fighters Program HERE: Watch more of my videos! Subscribe: Get your GymBoss Timer HERE – Social Media Facebook Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Instagram – Twitter Perform kettlebell exercise for 60 seconds followed by 60 seconds of skipping with no rest in between = Total Time 20 minutes (For this workout I used 20kg Kettlebell) 1. KB Outside to Inside Swings 2. Regular Skipping 3. Clean and Squat Left 4. Side to Side Skipping 5. Clean and Squat Right 6. Fighter Stance Left Skipping 7. Snatch Right (Pull Snatch or Swing Snatch) 8. Fighter Stance Right Skipping 9. Snatch Left (Pull Snatch or Swing Snatch) 10. Boxer Swing Skipping 11. High Pulls Right 12. Jumping Jack Skipping 13. High Pulls Left 14. Right Knee Raise Skipping 15. KB Push Ups 16. Left Knee Raise Skipping 17. KB Push Ups 18. Ali Shuffle Skipping 19. High Swings 20. Regular Skipping Audio Audio file(s) provided by – WARNING: THE INFORMATION OFFERED IN THIS VIDEO IS OFFERED AS OPINION ONLY. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE TRYING ANY NEW DIET OR EXERCISE PROGRAM. THIS WORKOUT ROUTINE MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR YOU