MAX Out the Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force Physical Fitness and Combat Fitness Tests Download

Download Here: # 1 selling fitness book in the Military Exchange system for four years running! Follow up to his best-selling MAX Out Vol I, MAX Out II is for all Soldiers, NCOs, officers, and law enforcement personnel who want to set and exceed the physical fitness standard. Instructs how to properly perform push-ups, sit-ups (curl-ups), pull-ups, running, putting the workout together, PT test and tricks, and roadmarching secrets plus 40 pages of additional exercises and tips that will enable, not just the military, but anyone to improve one’s overall physical fitness and max their fitness tests. Workouts are designed for all ability levels- beginner, in shape, and those in excellent shape. All the exercises, except one, can be performed anywhere one is located without requiring any additional equipment to be purchased. Written by CPT Lee A. Kind.