mi40x / mi40x – this program has demonstrated a 200% increase in muscle mass

mi40x : http://tinyurl.com/ju5xysk What is the Mi40X Program? MI40X is a completely unique bodybuilding program that is vastly different from any other methods out there. Its based on the concept of CEP training (Cell Expansion Protocol) using a technique known as interset stretching. When followed as instructed, this program has demonstrated a 200% increase in muscle mass. These same results were carefully observed and verified in a clinical study conducted by the Dept. of Health Sciences and Human Performance at the University of Tampa, who concluded: The MI40X program decreases fat-mass and increases lean body mass, skeletal muscle hypertrophy, power and strength, compared to traditional, volume-matched training protocols. mi40x : http://tinyurl.com/ju5xysk Whats Included This program is loaded with tons of detailed information in ebook manuals, worksheets and videos, really leaving no stone unturned and addresses virtually every question or concern you might have. Here is a quick list of everything youll have access to once inside the members area: 7 Day Detox Diet a 14 page ebook outlining a detoxification plan for the first week prior to starting the program, allowing for optimal nutritional absorption by the body. 7 Day Primer Phase 16-page ebook with instructions for conditioning your body before beginning the main program. CEP Practical Application Guide 12-page ebook where, in plain English, Ben explains the core principals of the program and why it works so well at building muscle mass so quickly. CEP Training Blueprint A 24-page ebook that covers the nuts and bolts of the program, detailing what to do and (just as importantly) what not to do in order to quickly develop the most muscle. Exercise Execution Guide An extensive 118-page ebook covering detailed explanation for every exercise in the program, leaving you in no doubt as to how to properly execute each one. Workout Sheets These exercise plans are divided into three groups, depending on your fitness level, and are ready to print out and take with you to the gym. Nutrition Guide 12-page ebook explains exactly what and when you should be eating for maximum gains. Supplement Guide 22-page ebook takes the confusion out of knowing which supplements to take and offers a variety of choices based on your specific situation. The Science of CEP -These web pages highlight the ideas behind CEP and discuss the clinical evidence behind the program that makes it so effective. Training Videos 18 high-quality, detailed instructional videos covering the CEP protocol and workout exercises. FAQ Guide A helpful 9-page resource of detailed answers to the most commonly asked questions by those whove followed the program. Bonuses and Rewards -Includes extra videos: The 6 Essentials of Exercise, Hardcore Abs (with ebook) and Extreme Suspension Revolution. As you can see, theres a whole hell of a lot of material included with this program. The good thing is that its structured and presented in an easy to digest format so you wont feel overwhelmed once you dive into it. mi40x : http://tinyurl.com/ju5xysk Conclusion Does it Work? No matter if you work out already but youre stuck in a rut, or if youre a complete beginner, the Mi40X program will revolutionize the way you approach your workouts. Not everyone has the luxury of hiring a personal trainer (something I know full well), but this is the next best thing. In many ways youll actually be ahead of the game by having a pro like Ben Pakulski walk you through his own cutting edge system proven to produce competition-worthy physiques. But dont half-ass it, though. You have to be willing to commit yourself and put in the hard work to get the results youre looking for. If you truly dedicate yourself to this program it will be virtually impossible to not achieve the type of amazing gains youve always dreamed of. mi40x : http://tinyurl.com/ju5xysk mi40x,mi40x review,mi40x download,mi40x pdf,mi40x free download, muscle and fitness,muscle fitness,muscle fitness hers,muscle fitness magazine,muscle fitness definition,muscle fitness factory,muscle fitness exercises,muscle fitness models,muscle fitness model,muscle fitness womens,muscle fitness workout,muscle fitness workouts,muscle fitness gym,