Physical Body Exercise Monkey Jump Yoga Workout Play Tutorial

This 13 minute video was shot in the morning segment of the Monkey Gym workshop, shot on location at the Australian National University. In time this will be one small part of a larger product called Monkey Gym Fundamentals. This clip shows two exercises. In my view, the (speed) skater squat is the number one glute activation exercise on the planet. Compared to (say) the glute–ham raise (which I also like very much and which has been popularised by Bret Contreras, among others) the SS squat needs no equipment. As well, it requires an immense additional balance and coordination component, too. Absolute strength levels that can be developed with the GH raise are, naturally, greaterbut will you be able to apply this strength? In all the single leg glute exercises I recommend, all the strength can be used in any activity requiring it, because you have developed in standing on one leg, with all the proprioception, balance, and coordination this entails. The second exercise is my personal favourite among all of the single leg lower body strength balance in court nation exercises, and it is called the Cossack squat. It has many flexibility and mobility aspects to it as well. In my view nothing will improve your side splits capacity as quickly as mastering and strengthening yourself in one of the Cossack squad variations. I have disabled comments on all our clips, because WAY too many people abuse the opportunity to comment negatively and anonymously. I can be contacted through my channel if you want to discuss a particular subject; my email address is on my web site; as well, there are the new Stretch Therapy Forums ( You only need a real email address to join and post your questions. As well, more information and many articles will be found on my Home page, too. You may get there from the splash page found here: You can find the Forums link there too, and if you go to the “Five Rs” section, a large number of free audio relaxation sessions can be freely downloaded. Finally, you may care to have a look at my blog: I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (